New Etsy Stuff....again

I listed more stuff on my Etsy store for all you eager shoppers!

These little ceramic birds have been one of my best sellers. I just listed some more, so grab them while they last!

Thanks to all of you who have made my store a success already! It's so exciting to find (and think) of new stuff to put in there, and I am honored and so happy each time someone buys something. If I don't sell out (fingers crossed that I do!) after Antique Alley then I will be listing more stuff, including some of those numbered, decorative balls so many of you liked. (is it ok to say that I like them too and they are currently displayed in my house?) Notice the little string at the top of one? Yup, these things are doing double time as either vase fillers or hanging ornaments. I've got more colors planned and if you have a color you would like to see then let me know!


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