We Can Do It Cheaper - Yup, Another Farmhouse Table.

The Virginia House

7 years ago my husband and I received a dining room table and 4 chairs for a wedding gift. It was one of those ones with a natural top and white legs. You know what I'm talking about. We have used it and used and then used it some more. About 3 years ago I painted the whole thing black and loved it and used it some more.
Wellll, I was ready for a new look when we moved to this house. I wanted to go for a more casual look and perhaps make it a little more practical for everyday use. (Have you tried to keep a black table clean?!)

I neglected to take a picture when it was still inside since I was so eager to start my project. (note to self, think about starting your next garage project in less than 100 degree weather.)

I gave a half hearted attempt at sanding it with our orbital sander and quickly gave up. The 3 coats of poly that I had put on there previously were standing firm.

I love Citristrip! It works great, smells great and doesn't feel like you might be killing something just by opening the lid since it's much more natural.

After putting it on and waiting about 30 minutes, I started on the fun part. In the spots where I had got the Citristrip on heavy enough, the paint and poly came off like melted butter. Heaven.
The legs... they took some work. A few hours of work. It was so worth it though!

After sweating all over the garage floor and finally getting everything sanded down, then I had my husband work his magic with the saw. I couldn't be happier with how the scoring turned out. It looks like a true plank table! (see more on how he scores it here)

I stained it with one coat of regular stain, then two coats of stain and poly. After those all dried I did one more coat of plain polyurethane that was a little more matte than shine. I really didn't want the table to be a mirror to all spots and such.

The distressing of the apron and legs took me some time to get it the way I wanted. Don't ask me what I did cause I did everything. I tried this and that and the other. Not totally great with it in the end, but... it'll do!

See that cute little light above the table? I love Ikea. Love my guy for hanging that for me too. New (old mismatched) chairs will soon grace the table and the "old" (new) ones will move on to their new life.. somewhere.

The sign was uummmm, painted by me. I'm kinda embarrassed about it so shhhhh. It's crooked and funky, but there she hangs in all her glory!

So my total for this little painful fulfilling redo??

$12 for the Citristrip. Yup, ya heard right. I was lucky enough to have everything else I needed on hand. A little stain, a little LOT of sandpaper, some polyurethane, a smattering of paint and a bucket of sweat. (did I mention sweat already? My bad)

Show me what you've been sweating over. I am waiting with eager eyes!
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