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As The White Rabbit says, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...."

Sorry, I'm late. I needed to take some last minute photos of my latest project, but my son was asleep in that very room. Good excuse huh?

I once again am drawing inspiration from the great Pottery Barn. I fell in like with this set of mirrors, but as always.... at $149 for the set, I just had to slobber on the pictures a little.

You may slobber as well. (isn't that a gross word?) Are they not worthy of it though?


So on to mine. Now I have still not filled these little fellows with mirrors yet due to the fact that I haven't found any cheap enough.

I used frames (half off) from Hobby Lobby that were bulky and slightly resembled pressed tin. The openings are 5x7.

I painted them with some layers of white, scraping as I went along.
I then mixed some rusty brown paint with water and brushed it on the raised spots and where the paint had "peeled" off. I did the same with a shade of gray but I just brushed it on randomly for a scraped and weathered look.

I wish I would have been able to find bigger frames. No such luck though.

So anyway, the final cost you ask? $25 dearly departed dollars. It was worth it though since I'm going a different direction in my room and needed something more versatile above our bed. Oh, and as always, I used my trusty acrylic paints. Also, one of the frames was gold so I didn't want to scrape back to gold, instead I actually painted on the "peeled" stuff. Crazy I know, but whatever works.

Your turn now. Let us try for more than the 4 links we got last week! I know I might be crazy to keep doing link parties that I don't get much "linking" to, but I have met many of you through your links and have gotten so many wonderful ideas from them as well. Soooo, I'll keep on hosting if you'll keep on linking!

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