A Goodwill Treasure

Do you ever go to the Goodwill/Thrift Store and pick up a treasure that makes people look at you with following thought written on their face...
"Oh that poor dear! She has no taste! I just can't imagine what her house must look like."
And so on...

Well my last trip to the Goodwill produced a few items of this caliber, but the potential was worth every stare.

(um, I might be exaggerating a wee bit about the stares)

Here was my treasure.

Nice huh?

After slapping (and I do mean slapping) a few weak and sloppy (and I do mean sloppy) coats of paint, forgetting about it for a few days, then remembering it again and quickly (and I do...never mind) sanding it.... this was what I got.

For $2, it was worth every penny. (and stare)

Now I just got to figure out what to with it. Ideas?


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