My Baby Bedding Dream...

In the words of Martin Luther King, "I have a dream!". Ok, so our dreams aren't quite the same, but it is still a dream none the less.

When we had our son four years ago I searched and searched for baby bedding that I liked and could also afford. Nada, zip, nothing.

There was stuff like this by the bucketful...

Now don't get me wrong if this is your style then I'm good with that. It just wasn't what I wanted.

That is where my dream began. I dream of creating a line of baby bedding that is both affordable and adorable. I want baby bedding that makes you think of lemony sunshine filtering through the curtains. Of crisp cotton snapping on the clothesline on a hot summer day. Of white sand and foamy green waves. Then the sweet smell of baby's breath, the curl of their tiny fingers over yours, the look of delicate lashes on sweet chubby cheeks.
I want to make something that looks like this beautiful bed from Melanie's guest bedroom.
Image from Pretties and PosiesImage from Pretties and Posies

Or these designs from Targets line of adult bedding. Target Simply Shabby Chic
Target Simply Shabby Chic

Serena & Lily is the closets that I have seen so far, but unfortunately it is out of my price range. (Lets face it, I'm very cheap and $100 for bedding is out of my range.)

So now you know my dream. The thing is, it's actually within my grasp in a way. I could design them and sew them and sell them on Etsy. But I do hate to sew and I don't know if they would sell and I don't know that I could make them as affordable as I would like since fabric and time would take up a considerable amount of $$.

Meanwhile I'll keep on dreaming. Let me know if you've ever looked for baby bedding like this to. I would love to hear if you found it...


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