Simple Card

I know many of you have been getting cards ready or need to order cards to send out, and now I know of a great place to get them from. It's called Simple Card.

They were kind enough to let me create my own batch of cards and it was so fun and easy! The best part was that they were ordered and sent to me in less than a week!
You can add your own picture, do it as a card with envelopes, add your own message and more! It really was so easy to do. I would highly recommend them if you're in need of custom cards in a hurry.

Be sure to click on over to Simple Card when you have a moment.
(All opinions here are purely my own. I was not paid in any way for my opinion.)

Now let me switch gears for a moment...

Ok, so this has nothing to do with what I normally blog about, but my mom sent this to me and as I watched I felt myself almost getting choked up. I can only hope and pray that they truly believed in what they were singing.

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