A Look Back At This Years Re-do's!

I sometimes bemoan the fact that I'm not getting anything done, so it helps sometimes to look back on what you have done. You can then give yourself a little pat on the back and move forward with new vim and vigor to the things you need to do.

So let's look back on the things I did around the ol' homestead this year....

My first big project was my kids bathroom. This was actually one of the easiest ones that I did this year.

Next up I (uh, we) tackled the boys bedroom. This one required me to put my thinking cap on since kids rooms don't come naturally to me, especially not when you're trying to keep the child's taste in mind as well.

I attempted to lighten up my living room with a very cheap (under $50!) redo later on in the year. This room is still in progress and and ever changing. Next up, adding a new window!

The same attempt was made with our family room. This was a little easier since it has lots of natural light anyway. (unlike the living room) I do need to update some pictures from this room though since I have since changed out more than half the furniture since then. (what can I say? Buying and selling is my hobby!)

My biggest and best project was one that took me months and made me rethink my idea of redoing it over and over. It was so worth it in the end though. The boys love playing out in the pool house and it definitely gets used a lot more now! Best of all, it doesn't smell like a dog anymore!

My last one is also one that is still in progress. I started redoing our kitchen/dining right after moving in, since it was a dark and gloomy room that I spend have of my life in. Our dining room is really just a little niche at the end of the kitchen, so I started there and am working my way out. This project is top priority since I am determined to get it done before baby no.3 arrives in May!

I also threw in a few misc. projects here and there, but we'll take a look back at those another day.

Oh by the way, I was super surprised and excited to click on over to The Lettered Cottage today and see my pool house featured in her post!! I think this is the closest I will ever come to fame;-) Be sure to stop by there and see the post, plus all the great room makeovers that are featured and linked up!
Thanks Layla for adding me to that super talented line-up!


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