Kitchen Reveal! Before & After

I know those of you who have been waiting on my kitchen reveal have probably thought I was lying about doing it. I have. I mean I did! Oh sure there are still things to do, like a new light, a different back splash and stuff, but I am proud to announce that my cabinets have made me hear the hallelujah chorus!

As always, we'll take a look back at what the kitchen and dining nook (ugh I hate that word) looked like when we first looked at this house.
(previous owners)

It wasn't that bad. Just dreary and dark. It didn't make me run away screaming or anything, but I did take a paint roller to it about two weeks after moving in. (The paint color was from Layla at The Lettered Cottage. She has since painted her kitchen a different color.)


Now let us all sing in perfect harmony...

(try not to yawn at the repetition of the angles taken and the abundance of photographs!)

The following shot is the seldom seen but very necessary side of my kitchen,

Yes some of my large plates are chipped. I can send you my address if you would like to buy me some new ones.

I'll try and list some of the sources for what you see...
The paint that I used on my cabinets is all from Caromal Colours and I will be doing a whole post about it tomorrow. If you want to see more about them and save on your purchase then be sure to stop by Fabulous Finishes and get Patty's code! (she's pretty awesome with any questions you might have too!)

The light over the table is from Ikea.

My hardware for both the drawers and cabinet doors was an Ebay win.

The vinyl numbers on my jars can be bought here.

The corbels under my cabinets are from Home Depot and were also a Lettered Cottage inspiration.

The dust on the floor is all mine but can be duplicated very easily!

If you want to know about anything else that I may have missed then you know where to find me!

I can hear the rain starting to pour down on our newly installed windows. A super-duper cold front is on its way into Texas. It will give me plenty of time to post (I think)since I can't do much in the cold. Have I ever mentioned that I hate cold...and laundry.

Thanks for stopping by to see my kitchen. Let me know what you think!


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