Letter Making Tutorial

Almost everything I do starts with inspiration from somewhere. Sometimes my inspiration comes from a picture, sometimes it comes from the dark recesses of my brain when I've laid in bed waaaaay too long.

This particular inspiration comes from Restoration Hardware. I was thumbing (ok I was glued) through the pages of their baby catalog when these letters jumped out at me.
If you look them up on their site then you can see more of the mesh detail on them.

I LOVE these letters and the best part was, I had some letters at home just waiting for me to do something with.

I got the cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby for a baby shower about a year ago. They had been covered in scrapbook paper, but I knew I wanted something different for them.

First I simply traced them with a marker onto a piece of burlap, then cut it out. Make sure you cut the burlap a little on the small side since you don't want the material to hang over the edges.

I just used Elmers glue to stick the burlap to the letters, then let them dry for a while.

I then took a small (trim size) paint roller and rolled the paint onto the top and sides of the letters, filling in the small spots with a brush. The roller made it much faster and gave it a more even paint job than a brush.
After the paint dried then I distressed the edges that showed very gently and literally ran them into the baby room to set them on the shelf. Yes, I was that excited.

So there you go, super easy and so cute, even if I do say so myself!
Happy letter making!


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