Bathroom Sneak Peak

I just thought that I was going to finish my bathroom this week. Alas, a dog, a pile of laundry and a grouchy, teething child has kept me away from it. For those of you who are sitting on your teeth waiting for the final product, then I have a few pictures of things I'm doing in there to keep you going till the work is complete.

I had envisioned these wonderful chippy towel hooks to hang in the bathroom, but I hadn't been able to find them. I also hate spending more than a few dollars on a tiny little hook. In comes Hobby Lobby! I found these adorable white hooks for half off.

Now all I needed was the "chippy", so I grabbed a file and went to work on them. Here is the finished product.

I had seen this old "beach" sign on Etsy and loved it, but didn't want to spend the money on something I could do myself. Here's what I came up with. I am pretty happy with it except for the "e", I kinda messed that up. I'll post again on how I did it.

So now you have a hint of what is to come! Just a few more days...


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