The Burden of Boy's Rooms

My younger sister and I have five boys between us. That is whole lot of boy stuff. Now we both like to decorate, but when it comes to boys rooms then it's a little bit out of my league. I have a very good idea of what I want to do in my little boys room, who loves anything cowboy. I am not a western girl and it's been rather hard for me to think up how I can incorporate his love of the west and make it so I can still smile when I walk into his room.
My sister is also trying to think of idea's for her boys room. She is afraid to get into any kind of theme and be stuck with that. I can totally understand her feelings since kids grow fast and you can't change decorating as fast as they change what they are into. I've been looking around and found some adorable ideas for both of us. You take a little from here, a little from there and you get what you're looking for!
So here is a breakdown of the idea's I gathered for her boys room. I just want to grab all these things up and run to her house, but nothings free in life, so we'll see what happens.

Her boys room is a great mossy,grassy hard for me to describe kind of green. It's an attic style room with a great dormer, a huge picture window and lovely slanted ceilings.

I can just picture these curtains on the picture window

Wouldn't they be great paired up with these natural linen ones...

I love layers with lots of texture and these shades would add that extra bit to the whole look.

The bed would be more than inviting with something like this covering it in blue

Or this

I went crazy with accent pillow ideas. Just check some of these...

There are so many directions you could go, but by using some throw pillows like the feedsack ones, or the number 1 then you can keep things more open to change.

These pieces of artwork also allow for a great "boy" look without any themes or getting stuck with a certain "look".

This one would look perfect in a neutral color to be an accent or in a bright color to draw your eye and be a centerpiece..

So once again, sticking with numbers,letters and sayings really keeps your options open and makes it easy for the room to stay appropriate for different ages sharing the same space. These colors would never go with what she has, but the picture is cute and the saying couldn't be more perfect. This seller has many more like this with different sayings so if you like this then check out some more here.

Perhaps a little young for her boys, but oh so cute!

Groupings of photo's or sayings could be cute as well. Trying to find something that works in a kids room might be a challenge, but is very possible. Framing some of your children's art and mixing it in with some meaningful photos would work well and be a great way to showcase their work.

Maps also work well to keep things neutral. A series of maps showcasing some favorite places could make the art meaningful.

The idea's out there are endless, I just wish the pocketbook was! Keeping things simple is the best idea in a kids room since toys, books and forlorn piles of clothes will be dotting the landscape at any given time.


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