Ode to Winter

Back in my day then I used to write poetry. Not the ushy-gushy kind, but rather the dark and dreary, from the bottom of your soul kind. I'm pretty sure all this darkness of the soul was born in the winter. I encourage myself and my children to not use the word hate, and since God did create winter then... I really, really dislike winter.
Soooo, it always helps me to write these dark feelings out to be rid of them once and for all! (until next winter that is)

Ode to Winter
winter, dear winter
so dark and gray
with your dark, clawing fingers
must you really stay?
i hear they've been wanting snow in L.A.
why don't you "winter" out there for a day?
i wouldn't miss the frost on my nose
the hair on my legs growing into a fro
the air is so dry, my skin just fell off
i'm afraid my kids will never lose their cough
the green that i see is only from little nosies
and not from the grass or patches of posies
my son asks me daily if it's time to swim
my lips turn blue as i answer him
"no son", I say to his small yearning face
"it's 15 degrees and snow is falling from space"
i can honestly say, everything is much worse
when no flowers are growing, there's no warmth from the earth
i cried when i saw a dead cow in the street
if it were spring then it would just be considered good meat
c.p.s almost hulled me away
i left the wipes in the van for an overnight stay
my poor little boy didn't even make a peep
he also didn't mess his diaper for over a week
winter, dear winter
please go away
your making death seem gloomy and gray
sickness feels like the end of the earth
lets not even start on my feelings about birth
i'm ready for spring, summer and fall
then we could have a season that i have named "sprall"
it's all of the good with none of the bad
it's definitely happy, and absolutely not sad
no ice on the road
no flakes in my hair
(except for the kind that's supposed to be there)
no cold tile floors to jar me awake
no toilet seats to make me shiver and shake
no dead grass and brown bony trees
i just need to see 100 degrees
i'll be happy when i slide onto a leather seat
and fry my thigh from the intense heat
no winter is not my favorite thing
but without it then there wouldn't be spring


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