Our "Gog"

Though this blog is dedicated to writings pertaining to all things lovely, I must put a little post in here about our new dog. We got "Hank" last night and my boys (that includes the husband) are in doggy heaven! Hank is a brindle boxer and just 9 weeks old. We are guessing he will grow up very fast, he will either do that or go crazy. (think 3 year old and 1 year old boys) I like him very well so far, what I am not liking is the tremendous enthusiasm that my eldest boy (no, not my husband) has for this dog. He is currently dragging him out of his kennel, saying "But he wants to get out!. Hmm, last I recall the dog was sound asleep. Ahhh, isn't life fun!

Our Beautiful Brindle Boxer "Gog".
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