My New/Old Cabinets

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Okay, so here's the scoop. I had this great idea to put built in cabinets with a window/bench seat between them in our dining room closet. Uh, our dining area is veeery small. It is actually the end of my kitchen and has a door that goes into the garage.

Anyhoo... While stomping the grounds at Canton, my trained and professional eyes (HA!) fell upon two matching cabinets resting against the wall. I saw lightening strike twice and felt thunder move the ground! They were perfect, and perfectly matching! I made an offer of $100 less than they had them marked and they took it. Oh heavenly gumdrops. My palms were sweating and my heart racing since any purchase over $25 makes me a little nervous (yes I am cheap). My husband was even surprised at my daring buy. I seriously got these beauties cheap though.

Enough talking, let me reveal Sandy & Patty...

Let's jump in with a reminder of what this little space looked like when we purchased this house a year ago. Granted this photo seamed to be taken at the darkest of night and granted the previous owners had a lapse in judgment and painted the kitchen/dining a rusty old car color. You get the idea though.

My mom bought some cute little chairs for me for my birthday. She hasn't "officially given" them to me yet, but I had to add them in for the pictures.

So there you have it. I did pick up a few other tidbits at Canton, but those were the main enchalada. I'm going to run now. I'm hungry.

Come back later for We Can Do It Cheaper!


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