We Can Do It Cheaper - Oh The Shame! (with a good ending)

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I am almost too ashamed to admit that I never got pictures of my project for this week. Can you ever forgive me?
I decided to cheat a little and also offer a challenge. I picked out four different items. Two from Pottery Barn, and two from Ballard Designs. Let me once more go on record to say, they both have the coolest stuff!

So my challenge you ask? Whoever can come up with the best "reproduction" of one of these four projects and link it up within the next two weeks (this weeks We Can Do It Cheaper, or next weeks) will win a $10 Gift Card to Target!

Let us see what we've got here....

These nice little linen covers for those various unsightly items in your home, retail from $40 to $80 on BD. (I need one of these to cover my laundry pile. Do they make them that big?)

This is another one from BD and you'll have to dish out the big bucks to get an original. Pricing ranges from $100 to $300 on these. This ones an easy one, so do me proud people!
Are these cute or what. (that's not a question) We all know that grainsack pillows have been circulating bloggy land and Etsy for some time now and frankly I've seen cuter ones than these. Though we will give them props for being real grainsacks, the prices $90 to $100 or out of my league. Impress me with your skills!!!

I fell hard for these vintage train signs. I know they can be done cheaper though! Though they aren't sky high at $70, I would still love to see them done for less than $20. Think you can?

So once again, show me your best We Can Do It Cheaper work on one of the above projects and I'll pick a winner from this week or next weeks linkers. I have each link party open from Wednesday night to the following Tuesday so that gives you some time to get it done.
Remember, Winner gets a $10 Gift Card to Target!! (sorry I can't do more but I can only dangle so much carrot out there without getting bit.


Oh, you are more than welcome to link up any other projects you have going on too!
1. Only link your post URL, not your blogs address!
2. Be sure to take that button at the top with you so that everyone can know where you're linking up!
3. Please only link crafts, DIY projects like furniture, decor and such. I don't want to delete your link!



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