Gotta Show You This - The Painted Home

I haven't featured anyone else in a looong time. Selfish of me I know. Let me rectify that. Now.

I've followed this blog for some time, but have just recently gotten really hooked on it if ya know what I mean. I am loving her style and today when I went to check out her latest post then I fell a little harder.

This is her den. I love her den. She did the bottom half of it in planks. I want to do that too.
Before we go any further, let me introduce you to her. This is Denise from The Painted Home.

Now, lets continue looking at some of her stuff...

This is also from her den. Her girls made this sign with sharpies. Yup, you heard me. Sharpies.

This is her guest room. Just look and admire.

My favorite room of the house. (she has some great before and after pics by the way) She made the living room into her dining room. Oh to have a fireplace in my dining room like this.

And this "light"! I am not a squealer, but when I saw this I swear I felt a squeal deep inside. It may have been indigestion, but I'm going to say "squeal".

So all of that to say, go see Denise and let her know how very cute her home is. Be sure to check out her burlap wall in the front hall. Who would have thunk it?
The Painted Home

Have a great weekend!


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