Light My World You Little Used To Be Basket!

Some have suggested that we shed a little light on our kitchen sink.
Good idea.

Bad thing is, running electrical is a pain in the proverbial backside and the nearest and bestest place to run it happens to be an exterior wall.
A brick exterior wall.
The next best thing to do would be a lot of things that I didn't feel like doing, so as normal, I did the easiest thing.

One Ikea plug-in pendant light + one former black little basket from Hobby Lobby
= One new light above my kitchen sink.

I picked this basket up for $4.99 and used the spray paint below to change it to silver.

Of course I didn't want it so bright and shiny so I alternated with black and white spray paint. Standing back so that it barely misted over the basket.

Ahhh, nicely aged.

I like that it makes little chicken wire shadows dance on my walls in the evening.

I spent about 72 hours wrapping twine around and around the cord to hide the ugly blackness.

Now I can see exactly how dirty my dishes and sink are.



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