Mini Me Table

I bought a Svala wood table from Ikea for Oscar. I can't get over how cute it is. Granted, he is too young to use it properly but because he is showing little signs of wanting to eat on his own, I thought having a little table in the house couldn't hurt.

Seeing as no Ikea product is safe from hacking in our house, I stained it the same colour as our desk, Walnut, but it soaked in really well so turned out a bit darker. And, originally I was going to paint the top blue like in this post but I realized he will be banging the table with his trains/toys/spill juice and that table top if it was painted would get chipped/stained. So, it's staying as is. Plus, it looks like a "mini me" table beside our Dining table in our [work in progress] dining room.

In other news, check out my post on my obsession with Chevrons over on Style at Home, and my feature over on The Hip Urban Girl's Guide website , I was their "Hip + Urban Girl of the week". [don't laugh, I do think I'm exceptionally hip. ;) ]


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