My Restoration Hardware Inspired Chair

I have a love hate thing going on with RH these days.
 Right now I'm mostly experiencing the love part.

They have some way cool stuff. Like this bedding that I may have coveted once or twice.


I also drooled over their very neat line of french grain sack inspired pillows.

So, that brings me to my Craigslist chair. My 3 month old likes to be rocked, so Derek kindly picked up this chair for me.(he actually does most the evening rocking so this was a win-win for him)

Please excuse the fact that I had already put the slipcover on and was too lazy to take it off for this photo.

The slipcover was....easy to do. But mine is faaaar from perfect!! I decided to leave all the mistakes and quirks and just live with it.

One big mistake though...My faux grain sack was painted around 3am and that was bad idea. I am sadly off center and short of sewing and painting another one, this little flaw is un-fixable. Oh well.

I'm still happy with it and it rocks just fine with all the mistakes.
Lee likes it too, most of the time:-)



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