And the Junk Winner Is....

Blessed #45!!!! Whoot, whooooot! The beautiful, talented, "junk has met it's match" chick over at This Old Chair is our winner for the Junk Party Giveaway. And since you guys were so great at spreading the word (take a look below), we now have over 100 followers! Don't you think that's cause for even more giveaways and celebration? I do...hold on, let's pull another random number out...(do-do, doo-doo, dooo-doo, doooooo: the Jeopardy tune). And the second winner is.....#56!!!Come on down, Tina! Can I get another whoot, whoot...the party train is riding out over here at Me & My House.

I am so thankful for all of you and want to say thanks for making this Junk Party THE best ever! I am thinking of making this a monthly event (each last Thursday of every month). What say you? Give me some feedback...I am kind of thinking you guys won't mind and I may even throw in a giveaway each month to one random person! You guys absolutely ROCK! I loved seeing all of your great junk finds and what you did with them/what you plan to do with them. I love you, I love you, I love you...Happy Father's Day and have an awesome Sunday!

Hana Hou (encore! in Hawaiian and yes, let's do this again!),


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