Barn on the Brain...

Okay, so you remember my "Random Junk Thoughts", right? (Of course you do, it's JUST one post down!) Well, one thing that I can't stop thinking and dreaming about is barns. Not only are they just lovely to look at and photograph, but now because of many of you...I want to USE one for monthly shows for Me & My House. I have had barn on the brain....literally.

I am now bent on and convinced that instead of just waiting for someone else to organize shows and try to find them on someone's schedule, that I am going to have my own. (At least, that's the plan) The perfect place for that? A barn. The problem? I live in Hawaii. Just in case you didn't know, there aren't a lot of those around here on the island of Oahu so I must get creative.

There's this place. I love it. It's over 100 years old, has a ton of character and is begging to host an event of this nature. The only problem is that it's not in a central location here on the island so for those coming from Honolulu (East Oahu) or West Oahu, it wouldn't be the easiest location to access.

This gorgeous industrial building is the Wailua Sugar Mill and is located near North Shore. Do you see the backdrop here? It is absolutely beautiful but, again, kind of far away from everything and I wonder how well the venue would be received. Not to mention, I have talked to NO ONE who actually has the power to give me the opportunity to use it as a location for my sales.

So, my search continues...I dream of barns like this

And this...a barn off of Hwy. 79 just south of my hometown of Lake Guntersville, AL.

Aaaaah, and of course THIS ONE! How I miss home...lovely.

Got any out of the box ideas for venues that would be cool for a Hawaiian Junk Sale? At the moment, my brain's stuck on barns...


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