Just Buggin' Me...

Okay, someone sent me a message today and I KNOW I am not crazy...I think it went into my personal e-mail account. I am sure that I somehow inadvertently deleted it in all my hurry to get the kids out of the house this morning so if you e-mailed me and you didn't get a response, that's why...I can't find it to respond! I just remember it saying something about me and the other person having the "same brain" when I glanced at it...can somebody help me???

I am normally really good with responding to e-mail...kind of a personal thing, so this is really buggin' me! Ugh! Soooooo, I'm not ignoring you...I just don't know who to respond to! Okay, pray you all are having a great night's rest as most of you are in the bed right now! LOL! Thanks for letting me get that one off of my chest!


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