Our First Guest Blogger: Rhoda from Southern Hospitality

Please welcome our first guest blogger over here at Me & My House...Mrs. Rhoda. I have absolutely fallen in love with this charming lady and I think you all will too. She is an entertaining, decorating, and blogging maven in her own right and although I have never met her in person, I am looking forward to visiting my home state of AL and having some junkin' fun with her one day. Rhoda is definitely not new to the blogging world as her blog, Southern Hospitality, has been around for over two years now.

She never ceases to amaze me with her multiple talents and warm, cheerful personality. I was initially drawn to her blog since it was so addictively titled "Southern Hospitality" and since I miss home SO much...I wanted to know more about this new place I had found. Boy, was I in for a treat! I never imagined that, week after week, I would be delighted to and would actually anticipate visiting her warm, virtual home.
Would you all please join me in welcoming, Rhoda...

An Introduction: The Inspiration Behind it All...

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 ½ years now. It started as a whim (when my friend, Kim from Daisy Cottage started blogging and encouraged me to start my own) and I had NO idea whatsoever that it would grow to where it is now. I really started my blog because I have enjoyed getting to know some other girls from many years on a decorating board and blogging seemed like the next thing that was going to take the place of those old boards. So, I jumped in there and started a blog. It grew slowly the first year, but I met SO many sweet and wonderful ladies out there in blogland who I made friends with and we shared a special love of creating a beautiful home. Since I don’t have that many real life friends who get into decorating and home stuff as much as I do, those blog friends really became like real friends to me and it’s been such a wonderful and fulfilling journey. As I would do projects around my house (and I always have something going on), I would share those on my blog. And I always get a great response to projects. I think every woman really wants to have a pretty home and I hope that I’ve encouraged all my readers to just get out there and try something new, even if you have no idea what you’re doing. I’ve had to teach myself all sorts of new tricks and usually it just all works out fine. So, that’s my biggest message. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t wait on your husband to do it for you. We women are a smart bunch and can do a lot of things on our own! And I’m proof of that, being married to a non-handy man.

So, blogging for me is all about the sharing and camaraderie of blog friends, even though most of us will never meet in person, we have that bond of homemaking and creativity. And that’s just been a blast for me! I hope to keep on blogging for years to come and hopefully I won’t run out of things to talk about. I haven’t so far!


Many years ago, I decided to use an old antique china cabinet as an entertainment center for my bedroom. I found an old beat up piece with broken glass in the doors and my ex at the time, rebuilt the doors with solid wood and added shelves to make it work as an entertainment center. I painted the whole thing and added wallpaper samples with flowers and scrolly things. Gave it a Frenchy look and I was happy with it for several years.

Before (quite the beast)


After (a tamed beauty)

When I moved to Alabama with my new husband, the master bedroom changed colors and styles and it was definitely time to give that old piece yet another new look. So off came the wallpaper and a new coat of paint was added to go with the vibe of our master bedroom. So, this shabby cabinet has gone through 2 transformations to work in a new way. Just goes to show that these old pieces are very long-lived if you just have some imagination to change them for a new space or look.

What I did with the new look was paint it all out with a color called Vintage Blue (at Lowes). I used striped fabric from my bedding for the door inserts and trimmed that out with some ribbon. Painted the trim with a dark chocolate brown that I had on hand and completely transformed this piece for our new bedroom. It looks right at home in there now.

I hope this will inspire you to look at old furniture in a new way. How can I use it to meet my needs? How can I paint it to work for me at this time of my life? I love looking at old things in a new way and have no plans to go out and buy a new entertainment center. This one has worked well for me and will continue to work. And if this look gets out of date, I’ll give it another facelift.

Thanks so much, Rhoda, for such great inspiration! When you get time, head on over to Rhoda's and show her some love and hang around for a while. You won't be disappointed! Have a great Wednesday!

(and Rhoda )


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