Reflections of Sweet Home Alabama

The countdown to Bama has officially begun! I am getting so excited about my trip (although not so excited about my 11-hour travel time) and dreaming of all the wonderful Clanton peaches, southern comfort foods, great junking spots, and of course, time with my family whom I miss SO dearly.
(aerial view of Lake Guntersville)

I am from a small town. Guntersville. Population? Small. But, I have come to realize in the past few years how much that really doesn't matter at all. In fact, I truly consider it a blessing that I come from such a small town. A small town where, for the most part, people matter and where your word is your bond. People don't mind small talk, enjoy having "nothing" to do and life is a little........... bit............slower............ than most places.

(creek near Lake Guntersville State Park)

Funny how just moving away from home could make me appreciate my roots, my upbringing and the place I called home for the first 18 years of my life more than ever before.

So, I reflect on that time. I think of summers on the lake, the biggest and grandest 4th of July celebrations the South has seen (maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it always felt HUGE to me), 4-H camps, hanging out with friends, and sippin' on some sweet Southern tea (there's NOTHING like it!) while we waved at the strangers passing by.

This is MY South. This is MY sweet home, Alabama. I'm coming home...


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