Random Junk Thoughts Brought to You Today By...

  • I want a t-shirt that says, "I'd Rather be Thriftin...'" 
  • And a bumper sticker that goes along with it to say something like, " I Brake for Junk..." That way, when I am driving down the street, those behind me can take it as a warning so that when they have to SCREEECCCHHH on their brakes to keep from hitting me AFTER I brake for junk, I don't have to say, "I tried to tell ya.." My bumper sticker will speak for me. 
  • Why is it that when I have a lot on my plate, I wish I didn't and when I don't I wish I did? What's up with that?
  • Sometimes I think I may be losing it. I dream of junk. Serisouly. The past two weeks my night time thoughts have been filled with all things cottage, shabby, distressed, low VOC, high VOC, to distress or not to distress...is this normal? Someone?
  • Hmmmm....Crafty. Sassy. Funky. Does that really describe Me & My House? Or, does that describe me. Am I Me & My House?  Hmmm...
 Random thoughts brought to you today by Me & My House (me). What's on your mind?


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