Home Again, Home Again....

It's bittersweet to be home again. We had an absolutely wonderful time with my family, but there is nothing in the world like driving 15 hours home and crashing in your own bed. Ahhh!

Looking back at some of the great times.
Nothing quite like seeing the mountains after a rain....

eating good food till you almost pop... (my sister ate 18 ebleskivers)

finding a quiet place to sit and talk, or say nothing at all...

decorate t-shirts with puffy paints for a while with a some of the nieces and nephews...

Family is the best, and the wonderful location just added to the greatness.

For those that don't know what an ebleskiver is then you haven't tasted heaven in a small, pancake like ball! They are made in a special pan that can be purchased many places, but see William Sonoma for not only the pan but lots of great recipes. They are such a fun food to have for breakfast or dinner!

All photos above are taken by me and are 100% Smoky Mountains!


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