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It's already Thursday again!! This weeks project starts out with yet another apology. I did not take the proper time that I should have on it, and ended up with a project I am not happy with. Just goes to show ya....

Here is the picture that inspired me to do this project.

These are for sale at Ballard Designs for a the paltry sum of $49.99 each! EACH!

Now keep in mind, these are 12 inches tall/around, so they are a pretty good size.

Now let us turn our eyes to my humble copy. Measuring in at just 6 inches around, it is half the size of the Ballard Design ones, but was the largest I could find at Hobby Lobby.

My total price? $1.47 for the wood, paint I already had on hand (acrylics).

So let us see what you have!

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