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First of all I want to give a hearty thanks to Someday Crafts for featuring my project from last week. It was not only a great honor, but also very exciting to find their wonderful blog. If you haven't been there yet then be sure to stop by.

I'm in Tennessee this week with my whole family, so my project is actually a gift for my brother-in-law. We have a tradition in our family when we get together of drawing names, then giving a gift to that person. This year we had to either buy it secondhand or make it, I chose to make it.

Now, normally I choose a fairly high profile place to "copy", but this week I found what I wanted off of Etsy. First of all, the people that paint these on Etsy are amazing and I totally think you should buy it there instead of make it yourselves. But.... I made it anyway.

Here is the beautiful one found on Etsy (you can find it here) for $29.

Here is my copy. I bought the wood plaque from Hobby Lobby, then used acrylic paints. I did it freehand once again, but you could easily use stencils.

So, my grand total, $6.99. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, but it is something that you really have to want to do. So, if your heart's not in it, buy it and don't feel a moment of guilt!

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