Touching Up The Bathroom

So Kristin over at My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia (What? You haven't visited her! Go do it now!) just did a post on beachy bathrooms, including my humble little boys room. It reminded me to share a few things I've tweaked in there recently.
I got a few of these old mason jars at Antique Alley and have had fun putting them in various places.

Of course my new peice of artwork that I love in here. Speaking of, I'll share a little secret.... My new Etsy store will be opening soon with all kinds of burlap artwork. Stay tuned!

This idea was stolen from another blog and I wish I could remember who it was. (let me know if you've done this!) I took a bottle and wrapped it in twine, just using Elmers Glue to hold it in place. (still plan on painting this shelf sometime!)

Changed the curtain from white to a linen color. It looks darker in this picture, but anyway...

The great things with bathrooms is that you only have to add a few things to set your theme. Make sure you pick them carefully or you'll have a totally different look then you wanted because of one or two accessories.

My giveaway ends tonight so add your name to my followers then leave me a comment! I'll let everyone know tomorrow who the lucky new captain is!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow with your We Can Do It Cheaper projects too. Can't wait to see what you have this week.


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