Baby Mobile - All Done & Ready For Viewing!

A baby mobile is something that I always wanted for my baby room, but could never find one I liked. I decided that since I was making everything else this time around that I might as well tackle a baby mobile as well.

I used a few different ideas off the ol' internet for inspiration, then I just made up the rest. I call this, "Tattered Bird Mobile". It goes along with my "Tattered Baby Bedding" that I revealed here..

I wanted something subtle and gender neutral that would tie in with the "theme" of the room. I really love how it turned out! Of course one of the best things was that the whole thing cost me about $3.00!
One more thing done and only ONE thing left on my to-do list. 10 weeks to go....

I'll be having a giveaway the end of this week, so check back in!
You Can Still Vote On Your Favorite Pick Out Of The TOP 5 We Can Do It Cheaper Projects!


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