*Check* Baby Bedding and Bed Done! One Step Closer to Commiting Myself

I often makes lists of things I need to get done. These lists are often unrealistic, undone and made to remind myself of what I need to do and to drive myself crazy. I had decided that I wanted to finish the baby room by my 7th month of pregnancy. That was last week.

I'm driving myself crazy. This is only my "baby room to do list". I have lists for the rest of my house to.

Does anyone know the name of a good psychiatric hospital?

This is how my lists looks now.
1. Redo vintage stool
2. Paint stripes on walls
3. Redo collage wall
4. Paint other mirror
5. Paint crib

6. Paint small hutch
7. Make new crib bedding
8. Add a few pillows to the full size bed
9. Paint dresser to go in closet
10. Organize closet

11. Make a mobile

Remember my inspiration for my baby bedding here?
As stated before, I am no seamstress and I will NEVER make baby bedding again (the death of a dream *chimes* sound here). It really wasn't that it was so hard, but that it took forever and a day and I am very impatient when it comes to projects.

Here we go....

I do feel a little better now. I got too impatient on painting the crib (20 cans of spray paint into the Texas March wind will do that to you) so I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out. But I am NOT touching it now. Let's move on...

P.S. Despite my groaning and moaning, I am happy with the bedding, even though it's not just like the inspiration. My happiness also comes from the fact that I spent $30 instead of $500. That makes a body glad eh?


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