Silver-leafed picture frame

My mom came to visit this weekend, and I realized we don't own any facecloths (she brought her own). Luckily I found a set of nine facecloths - in our bathroom colours - on clearance at Winners for $6. Here they are within easy reach of our future guests, on the shelf next to our bathroom vanity:

That silver picture frame was another weekend project. On Sunday morning, it looked like this:

I had some leftover materials from my first gilding project, so I decided to give this old frame a facelift. The steps were pretty easy: I applied liquid gilding paste with a paint brush and left it to dry for 15 minutes while I washed some dishes. Then, one by one, I placed sheets of silver leaf onto the frame and gently pressed them down with my fingertips. Finally, I used a soft brush to remove any loose pieces.

Who knows, I may even stick a picture in there.


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