While The Cat's Away...The Mouse Will Build A Potting Bench

Last Saturday my husband was out of town, and a brilliant thought hit me...

"Why not build a potting bench!"
The thought actually came to me after I re-found this crate sitting in a stack of wood outside.
I am no carpenter, but I was fairly certain this was something I could tackle in a day.
Especially since I had long envisioned a potting bench on this lonely wall. I went ahead and got to work.
All I needed was one crate, cut in half with one board cut out of it. (This one was 7 boards wide and I only wanted 3 on each shelf)
Four 2x4's cut to your own desired length or height I should say.
And of course one cute little helper. (I had two helpers but the other one wasn't much on the "help" part.)
I finished it off with two pieces of "trim" for the front and a light white wash that I added some black to so that it would be more grayish.
Our lovely neighbor kids kept throwing this huge branch over the fence, so finally I decided to quite putting it back and use it instead. Some plant hangers hung upside down and screwed in with a mason screw kit worked perfect. Target had the metal buckets on their dollar spot and they were just what I was looking for to put all of my "many" gardening tools in.
Although it wasn't my dream potting bench, it was free except for the price of wood screws! There's just something about doing it yourself that gives you that extra measure of satisfaction as well. I am satisfied.

Next up, planters made out of free wood fence panels... (do you see a theme here?)

Have a safe and happy weekend!


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