Organized bathroom shelves

During our first visit to our future house, I was thrilled to discover this large built-in behind the bathroom door. Unfortunately, the shelves were dirty, worn and covered in nail holes. Not somewhere you want to store your things. And without a place to store our things, getting ready for work in the morning was total chaos (trying to navigate the boxes marked 'bathroom' littering our narrow hallway didn't help).

So earlier this week I filled the cracks and nail holes, and rolled on a fresh coat of white paint.

The large basket on the bottom shelf (which we already owned) holds sheets and other bedding, while a second large basket hides all the things we don't use everyday but still need to have on hand, like extra toothpaste, soap, sunscreen, medicine, etc. The future husband and I each have a smaller basket to store things we do use everyday, like make-up (me not him), deodorant, contact stuff, etc. I picked up all three light gray baskets at Walmart for $18. I love how they keep our stuff organized and out of sight, but still accessible.

I also picked up a couple of over-the-door towel hooks at a dollar store for $1.25 each. Finally, a place to hang our bath towels. We still need to get rid of that oak hand towel holder, replace the door and add some colour to the walls, but at least the boxes are out of the hallway and we can find - and use - our things!


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