A Chair, A Bench & A Pillow

Sometimes I can't think of very good titles. Today was one of those days. But that really is what this post is about.

Let us start with the chair. This last weekend was the twice a year event of Antique Alley. I loaded up my boys and my belly on Friday and traversed out into 50 mph wind gusts to take in the sights of Antique Alley. Wow was it ever windy!
I didn't have much in mind that I wanted to buy except for a bench for my dining room table. A friend of mine found me a darling white one for $20 about five minutes after we got there, one problem though....it was sold. I blew around the rest of Antique Alley and ended up with this chair for just $10. I was happy. I went home.
I still had one problem though. I had found no bench. This would have been no big deal except that I was having a yard sale at a friends house the next day and I was planning on selling all my current dining room chairs (they sold!). I needed something for my kids to sit on.
When I got home from Antique Alley then I my eyes fell upon my pile of scrap lumber. My hands starting twitching as I they reached for two sawed off cedar beams and a large board. A few hours later I had my bench.
Hmmm, not quite what I had dreamed of. The cedar beams were very convenient but not as stable as I had hoped. My four year old almost crushed his toes after he knocked it over... five minutes after I brought it into the house.
I had to add some funky little feet to keep it from tipping. Oh well. The whole thing cost me a whopping $0, and I'll keep hunting for that super cute bench that is out there somewhere.
Meanwhile, the boys are having fun telling secrets on it.
I attended a small garden party this week where we had to bring something second hand or homemade. All the girls outdid themselves with the things they made. It was so much fun! This was my contribution, a dropcloth pillow with french ticking stripes painted on it.
I'll share more pictures of the party later.

One more day left to vote on your favorite We Can Do It Cheaper project!


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