Feature - Sponsor Of The Month, HaleyAbigail

Last month I sent out the invitation for all of you Etsy store owners to be a sponsor of We Can Do It Cheaper. I was so excited to get an email from Britta, the amazing creator of HaleyAbigail.
I fell in love with each and every hat and headband that she has in her shop.
Be sure to stop by her shop and have a look around. These would be so perfect as baby gifts for any lucky baby!
The best part is that you can win one of these just by linking up to my latest We Can Do It Cheaper Recreation Party. One winner will be chosen by YOU from out of my top five. You still have a few days to link up so get busy;-)

(Please remember that ONLY items that are recreations (copies) of other items will be qualified to be entered into the contest.)

If you want to be a sponsor for my monthly We Can Do It Cheaper party then just email me at jvc80@yahoo dot com


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