Updating the bathroom vanity

Adam's parents came to visit this weekend, and while my future mother-in-law and I went shopping, Adam and his father got down to work installing our new vanity top and bathroom faucet. As a reminder, this is what our bathroom vanity looked like on closing day:

And here it is post-installation (after some painting and hardware updating too):

Much better, no? Good-bye rusty sink! At $179.99, this Moen faucet was our big splurge for the bathroom and I love how it transforms the vanity (plus it uses 32% less water, which is always nice). Since we scored this 49" marble vanity top for only $110, we didn't mind spending a little extra $$$ on a faucet we love.

We also got a great deal on a new light fixture and bathroom set (towel bar, towel ring, toilet tissue holder and robe hook). We can't install anything until we paint, except the towel bar, which was a little too long for the side of our bathroom vanity (the only place we can fit a towel bar). Luckily it wasn't too much work to remove the ends and trim the bar with a hacksaw - now it easily fits in place.

As you can probably tell from the photos, we had to remove the old mirror to install the new vanity top. We were planning to keep the mirror and add a DIY frame, but when we spotted a large beveled mirror - complete with frame - for around $50, we decided to save ourselves some time and energy. But before we can hang the mirror - or do anything else - we need to paint!


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