My "New" Old Door

I love old doors. My house, being that it is your normal, everyday, average kind of house, needs help in the texture department. (and I don't mean the nubby popcorn type)
At some point I want to paint my main walls a soft white or cream, but I don't feel like it right now, so I have found that old doors/shutters are a great way to add some architectural elements and texture to a room.

I found this one in Round Top for a great deal. I love the old paper stuck to the door.
If you look really closely then you can still see old advertisements imprinted on the door, even though the actual paper was gone long ago.
This corner of my living room needed both height and interest. The door was just the perfect thing. I added the hanging light (a 50 cent find from last Antique Alley) so that I could remove the floor lamp (it was too distracting) and for the light that it brings to that spot since this spot doubles as my sewing "room".
I also picked up the vintage fan in Round Top for less than a meal at McDonald's. It doesn't work but I wanted it purely for it's rusty face and industrial leg. I'm shallow like that.

I have lots to show you this week, so stick around for the fun! I also listed new stuff on Etsy, so stop by and take a look when you have a chance.

You still have time to vote for your favorite from this months We Can Do It Cheaper!


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