Hannah's monthly photo

These monthly photos are starting to get tricky! I had to distract Hannah with this (clean) wet sack from her diaper bag to stop her from launching herself off the rocker.

Her nine month check up was on Monday; she now weighs 18 lbs. and grew 7 cm since her six month appointment (seriously, the rate at which babies grow is insane). She can move pretty quickly now (crawling) and she loves to practice balance poses (sticking her butt in the air seems to be her favourite). She must have learned a thing or two in our yoga classes ;)

She's starting to pull herself up onto objects and people, so we really can't take our eyes off her. She's fearless, this one. She's also loud. To her, yelling and talking are the same thing and she's always up for a good conversation.

She seems to be going through a little separation anxiety - she cries when I leave the room and sometimes when I enter the room and she realizes I'm not holding her. I'm headed back to work full-time in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping this phase passes quickly. I'm looking forward to the return to work (I'm lucky enough to really enjoy my job), but of course I'll miss being home with Hannah and Adam (Adam works from home, so the past nine months have been especially awesome). She's so interested in everyone and everything now, it's incredibly fun to be around her. Oh, and when she sees herself in the mirror? Pure joy.

I'm taking a photo of Hannah every month until she turns two. You can check out the rest of her monthly photos here.


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