New colour in the bathroom!

Our bathroom has a new paint colour! For the past two years, it's been white with just the tiniest hint of grey (Sico's Inkling). Hannah's nursery is actually the same colour (and I love it), but because the bathroom doesn't get any natural light, it felt kind of...dead (and still we lived with it that way for two years!). I knew I wanted to go darker and after months of taping paint chips to the walls, I finally broke out the brush and roller. Here are a couple views of the old colour (ignore the "progress" labels - I grabbed these photos from an old house tour):

And here it is now. The colour is Sico's Crosshatch. I wish I had better photos to share, but did I mention that this room doesn't get ANY natural light?

I took some time to touch up the vanity and paint the trim (I skipped this step the first two times I painted this room), but the biggest - and best - change came from painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls.

I'll admit I was nervous as the paint was going on the ceiling, but it really makes the room feel larger (and I didn't have to worry about straight ceiling lines!). I especially love the new colour against our dark-stained doors

Next up: tweaking the paper terrariums that hang above the toilet. Oh - want to see how the bathroom looked when we bought the house? Check it out here.


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