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We added a new rug to the living room over the weekend, purchased from this ebay store. I was pretty thrilled to find a rug with all the major colours in our living room (usually you pick the rug and then the colours, right?). Plus, it helps break up the large jute rug with some colour and pattern. Originally, I had envisioned something bolder, but I think the muted colours really suit the room.

On the other side of the room - where the living room meets the dining room - I added this small print from Value Village (Hannah and I stopped in while Adam was at the dentist last week). I'm pretty sure it's a small reproduction print of a Peter Markgraf silkscreen of BC's Sunshine Coast (which I've never visited, but am now determined to). Regardless, it's quite beautiful and I love all the blues.

And last, I switched up our bedding for summer. Yay for finally being able to pack away the heavy duvet! Now I need to dig out my ikat pillows for a pop of colour on the bed (though, honestly, it's been kind of nice not to worry about throw pillows when making and unmaking the bed!).


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