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I've got shelving on the brain, obviously. Our dining room (if you can call it that; I think it's technically more of an "area"), is pretty so-so. We basically stuck some furniture in there and called it a day. Lately, I've been daydreaming about adding built-in shelving - inspired by the images above - on either side of the window. I think it would add some much-needed interest to the space and extra storage in a small space is always a good thing.

Here's an older picture of our dining room so you can visualize along with me (with the exception of a pretty awesome gilded mirror on the wall you can't see and a high-chair, it looks about the same now). I'd like to switch out the light fixture for something larger (and move this one into the bathroom). And because we're planning to replace the flooring and baseboards, I'd like to mount the shelves off the ground - like in the second picture - and extend them all the way to the ceiling.

Now I just need to convince Adam that this project should move to the top of our priority list (alongside my three other "top" projects).

Happy weekend (especially if you're in Canada - it's a long one)!

Here are your links:

-I have trouble believing that even a mature 16 year-old controls "his own agenda", but maybe?
-Kirsten and I have the same dream house.
-I know these are for kids, but is it wrong to want one for myself? I'm only half-kidding.
-An illustrated guide to shorts.
-They forgot old school pencil sharpeners. Also, I don't remember my school having any left-handed scissors.
-I want to go to here. And now I wonder what they're serving.


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