Adding colour to the dining room

{the baby seat makes quite the statement, doesn't it?}

It's funny how decorating plans evolve over time. What you once loved about a room can eventually end up driving you crazy. Like our dining room table. I wanted a white pedestal table. I got a white pedestal table. I loved it for awhile, but eventually the paint job started to wear and these days it's looking pretty bad. Overall, the room just feels bland and boring (the laminate flooring and teeny baseboards aren't helping; so happy we'll be replacing those soon!). So when I saw Lily's chimney makeover, I may have drooled over her cute and colourful dining space. Just a little.

source: birch + bird

In the same post, she mentioned that she's thinking about painting her dining room table navy blue. And then I realized: I need to do that. Now. Thank you, Lily.

Over the weekend, I popped into Home Depot and picked up a small can of Behr's Dark as Night. It's on the same swatch we used for the base cabinets in our kitchen, just a shade darker (we used Behr's Paramount on the cabinets and I still loooove it).

Unfortunately I've had zero time to paint, but it's the first thing on my to-do list when we get back from our vacation (plus, my mom is house/dog/cat-sitting for us and she needs to be able to use the table while we're gone). Number two is switching out the light fixture.

I still love the light fixture, but when we bought and installed it, we didn't have the settee. We had to move the table further out from the wall to accommodate the settee, so now the light fixture is way off-centre. Plus, we hung it way too high (lesson learned), so there's no swagging it. The good news is that I think it will look pretty cool in our bathroom, in place of the ugly booblight on the ceiling (and even better if we switch out the light fixture over the bathroom vanity for this one).

But back to the dining are a few options I'm considering:


What do you think?


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