Hannah's monthly photo

It's hard to believe that Hannah is almost one! She's starting to experiment with walking while holding onto a chair or some other, easily pushed object, and she's becoming more adventurous about standing unsupported. She's finally mastered her sippy cup (she insisted on us holding it for the longest time) and loves to feed herself. I'd describe her as a good, but moody eater (she'll throw food on the floor one moment, then chow down the next).

She's a very friendly, outgoing baby, but still cries if she sees me leave the room. Her favourite activity is emptying containers - laundry baskets, grocery bags, toy bins, kitchen drawers - but she has yet to show the same enthusiasm for filling them. Oh, and she's started wrinkling her nose to make what we call her "stink face". It's her new go-to look.


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