Vacation snapshots

We arrived home from vacation late Monday night and are still settling back into our daily routine. Life after vacation takes some getting used to.
Thanks to everyone who provided tips and suggestions for the long car ride - we made frequent pit stops and brought along plenty of snacks, books and toys to keep Hannah entertained. Our 'Babies Go Radiohead' and 'Babies Go Beatles' CDs were also in heavy rotation ;) Hannah was awesome and we'll definitely make the trip again.
We spent most of the week at my cousins' cottage in New Hampshire. Hannah got to meet some of her extended family - including two brand new cousins - swim in the lake and take her first boat ride. Adam and I got to relax and enjoy all the best parts of a cottage vacation (think: eating, drinking, boating, swimming and hanging out by the campfire). We ended our trip with friends - and another new baby! - in Ogunquit, Maine. We stayed at Anchorage By the Sea, which I highly recommend (full disclosure: we know the family who owns the hotel through friends, but it's a fantastic spot regardless). We took Hannah to the beach for the first time - she loved it! - and yes, she ate sand.
We also went to York Beach to attend a good friend's wedding. The wedding was beautiful and Adam and I loved having a night out together. It was so great to see all of my closest friends from college - I really miss those days sometimes! We keep saying that we need to get together more often, but have yet to make it happen.
Anyway, here are a few several shots from our trip. Let's be honest, they're mostly just pictures of Hannah :)
{Our first pit stop in Sackville, New Brunswick}

{Quintessential Canadian road trip photo}

{Uh, this is a new face!}
{Early birthday presents in America}

{She was obsessed with this walker at the lake}

{Swimming at the lake}

{The lake has it all}

{Hannah and her new best friend, Trigger}

{Loving her first boat ride; the life jacket, not so much}

{Fascinated with the boat's wake}

{Awkward family photo}

{Ogunquit, ME}

{Eating sand at the beach}

{First dip in the ocean}

I didn't want to lug my camera around at the wedding, so I'm afraid I don't have any photos to share. Also, I try not to post pictures of friends and family on my blog, since I'm conscious that not everyone wants to share their life on the Internet (cue side-eyes from Adam and Hannah).

Back tomorrow with a little bedroom update!


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