Photo inspiration + travelling in cars with babies

Next week, we're taking our first family vacation in New England, so it seemed appropriate to share these images from a Maine heritage house. We'll be spending some time at my cousins' lakehouse in New Hampshire before heading to Maine for a friend's wedding. The only part of the vacation I'm not looking forward to is the drive down and back. Adam and I have done the drive many times together, but this will be our first time with an (almost) one year old. I think we're both a little nervous.

So far, I've done lots of Googling and even reached out to a few friends who've made similar trips. They've told me pretty much the same thing: make frequent pit stops and plan for entertainment. I'm secretly hoping that Hannah will spend much of the trip sleeping, but I know I need to plan as though she won't.

So, do you have any advice for travelling with little ones? Please share it in the comments!


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