bits + pieces for this week

Dollar store bins are amazing. I use their bins to organize orders ready for shipping. I just had to share this as it has made my life so much better. Such a simple (cheapo) tip for those running e-commerce shops.

I went to Gingers with my Mom and these bottles caught my eye. I'm dying to style our new washroom but I have to first pick a paint colour. That's a whole other story. (Banging my head on the wall - it is driving me nuts)
I was invited to the HomeSense Fall/Holiday preview! So much fun. I've uploaded a ton of photos from the event to my facebook page so you can see what is going to be rolling out into the stores pretty soon, and next Fall.

I picked up a few bushes of purple Hydrangeas for our backyard as they are my absolute favourite colour. I love, love these. I'm a little perplexed as to whether or not I need to do anything to maintain the colour? They weren't much help at the garden centre. Time to google "purple hydrangeas"

I went back to the paint store and the woman at the store lent me a can of a custom mixture paint to see if the custom black she had in the store would work better than the "Jet Black" that I had purchased. I think we can all agree that Benjamin Moore's Jet Black should be renamed "Jet Charcoal" based on our experiences (a lot of you commented that you had the same surprise reaction when you used the colour) Anyhow, the secret mixture was spot on, so I'll be going back to order up a can (And I'll obviously reveal the mixture) ;)

Anyhow, just some random stuff for today!  xo Linds


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