Chalkboard Love'n Part 1

Chalkboards, chalk walls, chalk hands, chalk cabinets, chalk floors, chalk doors....
the list goes on and on....

So in tribute to the joy that chalkboard paint is bringing to us all, I thought I would share some of my own chalk inspired ideas as well as other ones I have had the pleasure if viewing.

Come along with me.....

Pottery Barn
Love this idea and have tried to think of where I could do it in my own house...
Pottery Barn eclectic entry
I did see a great idea on another blog (can't remember where) on how to do both the above ideas. Buy some standard canvas's from your local HOBBY LOBBY or other craft store and get out your chalkboard paint. In no time and hardly any money, you can have the above looks!


I love this idea for a faux fireplace. Great way to fill the blank spot.

master bathroom eclectic bathroom
Such a great and fun thing to have in the bathroom. Multi tasking on a whole new level!

Some of my own chalkboard signs for a quick and easy decor idea.

I'm not sure if you can get too much cheaper than these fun signs. I spent about 50 cents on each. (had the wood on hand already)

Tune in next week for another look at chalk painting. I have more of my own and even better ones from others. Leave me a comment if you've done something with chalk paint that you would like to share. Or email it to me, I would love to post some of the great stuff that YOU are doing!

Join me tomorrow for a We Can Do It Cheaper Link Party!


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