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I was so excited to get an email the other day from a friend with her great We Can Do It Cheaper project.

Here is what she sent me...
I have been looking for a yellow pot for a plant for the master bedroom. I could not find the right color of yellow, so I decided to paint a terra cotta pot with the color I wanted. My dear hubby LOVES to buy mistint paint at Lowe's, he's just sure we can use it somewhere, eventually. This time he was so right! He had the perfect color. Below are the before and after shots.
Hope you like what I did!! Oh, I saw some pots similar to this at Plow and Hearth, but they were the wrong color, and for one the size of the largest, cost about $25. For all three of these pots, I have about $3.

This is what the pots looked like before. I washed them good, and sanded any rough parts.

I used water based latex paint for the base coats (yellow). The bird silhouette was from something I found online and blew up. I used acrylic paint for that as well as the stripe on the last pot. I still need to add some polyurethane to the large pot to make it water proof. For the inside you need oil based polyurethane, it lasts a lot longer, and goes on thicker. For the outside, you need water based polyurethane, which won't change the color of your paint. Oil based tends to have a yellowish tone to it that can change colors. This was a fun project, and now I am ready to move on to another "Cheaper" project! Thanks for inspiring me to get my creative side in gear and see what I could do to decorate my house inexpensively, or with things I already have!

Thank you Melissa for sending it to me and I hope all of you enjoy it!

We hit a record last week with 16 links! Thanks so much all of you! Remember that I will pick one of you from this week to feature on next weeks We Can Do It Cheaper!
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