Pick The Perfect Patio

Do you ever try to figure out what style you really love as apposed to what style you tend to migrate towards? It's funny that it is two totally different things.

Take for instance this patio. I love it! It just jumped out at me the first time I saw it.
9.jpg (image) eclectic patio

Or even this one. It's a little crazy and looks like so much fun!
eclectic patio- dominomag eclectic patio

Or this cute/messy potting bench.
patio patio

But instead... here are my patio's. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them and love them. But... would I actually pick this if I had other options? Naaah.

What about you? What's your patio pick?
Trigg-Smith Architects - Project - An Elegant Cottage traditional patio

I think this one is my real pick.
Warner Larson Landscape Architects - Private Residence traditional patio

Scott Cornelius Architect, PC traditional patio

SchappacherWhite Ltd. patio

Here in Texas this one would blend well.
Carson Poetzl, Inc. traditional patio

But maybe you're from somewhere else...
beach vintage eclectic patio

Like to keep it simple? Me too, so I fell for this as well.
Barn Patio eclectic patio

So many idea's so little money! That's ok though, at the end of the day when you're sitting with friends and family then I'm pretty sure you can be happy in some ratty old lawn chairs.

On to another inspiring note, it's time to say thanks to some wonderful people! I know you all have taken the time to stop by photographerblue. But if not, then go right ahead. Look for that photographer to capture the ratty lawn chair moments in your life!

Join me tomorrow for We Can Do It Cheaper. I'll be choosing one of your links from last week as my favorite!


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